Bass Tone Rows – by Mike Overly

March 2, 2017

Bass GuitarI want to thank Dave Tuckman & Kevin Smith at for featuring my video lesson “Bass Tone Rows” in their March 2017 newsletter.

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Walking Bass – Part 1 by GRAMMY® Nominated Music Educator Mike Overly

September 1, 2016

Join me as I share some walking bass ideas over a 12 bar harmony progression.


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The Philosophy and Tools of Esperanza Spalding – presented by Mike Overly

July 14, 2016

EsperanzaEsperanza Spalding is an improvisational sensation that became a household name in 2011, after winning the Grammy Award for Best New Artist over superstars such as Justin Bieber, Drake, and Florence and the Machine. She embodies the examination of self through an alter ego defined as Emily who came to the composer in a moment of clarity amidst tired routine. Emily can be seen as a guide into the exploration of possibilities—an evolving philosophy that navigates who we have been, who we are now, and who we can be.

The following interview explores the Philosophy and Tools of Esperanza Spalding’s D+Evolution.


EncycloMedia – written by Grammy-Nominated Music Educator Mike Overly ~ is as essential as your guitar or bass.

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Z Angle Bass with GRAMMY® Nominated Music Educator Mike Overly

June 1, 2016

Join GRAMMY® Nominated Music Educator Mike Overly as he presents how to play a two-octave scale on a 4 string bass by applying the Z Angle connector.

12 Tone Music Newsletter 03-17-2016 ~ by Mike Overly

March 17, 2016

Dada MusicYou’re gonna wanna read this latest 12 Tone Music Newsletter ~ Dada Music ~ written by GRAMMY® Nominated Music Educator and author of Guitar and Bass EncycloMedia Mike Overly . . .

LOW: The Power and Beauty of Bass ~ Presented by Mike Overly

November 19, 2015

LowIn broad acoustic terms, Bass refers to sounds that fall below 262 Hertz on the frequency spectrum. In musical terms it can refer to the instruments that make those low sounds as well as the sounds themselves. Its presence in music is critical. The pulse laid down by the bass is like an engine. A whole band will move or not move depending on the actions of the bass. And the notes played in the bassline are like a compass. The lowest sounding pitch can help us find true north, or the harmony of the music.

From November 8, 2015 through July 31, 2016, the Museum of Making Music will introduces several aspects of the low register ~ bass ~ experience. This exhibition will encourage visitors to SEE, HEAR, and FEEL low sound by engaging them with different interactives. It is hoped that this exhibition will open your eyes, ears and imagination to this sonic realm, and to inspire you to incorporate this new awareness into your everyday activities . . .

Bootsy, Marshall and MeAnd be sure to check out Bass EncycloMedia written by two-time GRAMMY® Nominated Music Educator Mike Overly

What do Bootsy, Marshall and Author Mike Overly Want You to Know?

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Let Bass EncycloMedia show you how to dramatically improve your playing by learning 7 Forms on the holistic fretboard so that you can easily play all the chord, scale and arpeggio fragments. With over 323 pages of total fretboard knowledge in one book, Bass EncycloMedia thoroughly explains how to play something uniquely different every time with every song!

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Bass EncycloMedia ~ taking bass to the next degree!

The Neuroscience of Bass – presented by Mike Overly

October 29, 2015

Fender Jazz BassThis is old news to those of us who play Bass, but, just in case you don’t, let this article serve as an introduction to the wonders of the Low End . . .

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