♫ Learning Levels ~ by Mike Overly May 5, 2020

learningThere are many more learning levels than Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. The following list makes this easily understood. Do you see where you are on this list?

Apprentice – a person who has decided to commit to studying with a skilled person for as long as
it takes in order to learn that person’s skills, a pre-beginner.

Amateur – a person who engages in a leisure time activity for pleasure or relaxation rather than as
a profession, a hobbyist.

Novice – a person who is new to a situation in which he or she has chosen to pursue, a beginner.

Intermediate – a person who is at a level that is somewhere in-between the extremes.

Proficient – a person who is knowledgeable and experienced enough to move on to the next level.

Accomplished – a person who, as the result of learning and practice, is skilled enough to succeed
in bringing to completion a level in the learning progression.

Advanced – a person who is much further along in the learning level process and way beyond the
beginning elementary or introductory level.

Expert – a person who is recognized as an authority because of a deep and broad competence in a
particular subject or activity.

Professional – a person who, due to education and training, is creative and resourceful enough to
improvise and earn a living by performing a specific high-end activity.

Master – a person who has the highest degree of knowledge in a specific subject, possesses
consummate skill, has zero defects, is complete in every detail and is entirely without fault, the

‘til next time, play and have fun… I’ll be listening!


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