Harmony Rhythm’s Fatal Flaw Part 1 – by Mike Overly

December 10, 2015

slashJust as notes are the rhythm symbol of melody, harmony marks are the rhythm symbol of harmony. Unfortunately, most traditional guitar and bass methods use a meter slash as the rhythm symbol of harmony. This is a fatal flaw. The only purpose of a meter slash is to make a beat visible, they do not help us in knowing what rhythm to play on that beat. For that to be known, harmony marks are needed!

Meter Slash


Electric Guitar Chemistry ~ presented by Mike Overly

December 3, 2015

12 Tone News 12-03-2015You’re gonna wanna read this latest 12 Tone Music Newsletter ~ Electric Guitar Chemistry ~ written by two-time GRAMMY® Nominated Music Educator and author of Guitar and Bass EncycloMedia Mike Overly.



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